The Management of FABE Business Development declares that it is its corporate will and priority objective to pay the utmost attention in each of the activities we carry out, in each decision we make and in each action we take.

This Quality Policy is defined within the purpose of the organisation which is Business Development and supplier sourcing, project management and engineering, quality control inspection, supervision of non-destructive testing in the international nuclear and oil and gas industry and within the context of the organisation and supports its strategic direction by establishing the associated guidelines and serves as a framework for the establishment of quality objectives for each of them.

FABE BD aims to be the company of choice for the development and monitoring of Spanish suppliers of nuclear and Oil&Gas components, including safety related equipment, ensuring a high level of safety and performance.

In accordance with our values, FABE BD considers that economic or planning constraints cannot justify non-compliance with Health, Safety, Environment and Quality (HSE&Q) standards, and is committed to: 

This Quality Policy provides a framework for establishing and reviewing quality objectives. The Management undertakes to disseminate, make our policy understood and apply it to all levels of the organisation, suppliers and third parties that have a relationship with FABE Business Development (relevant interested parties), with the commitment to comply with the established lines, being available to anyone who wishes to consult it.

Signed, on 13/01/2022

Managing Director of FABE Business Development